Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bel & Ecuador: Part 6: Montañita

If I start my post with a picture like this, I guess you can imagine what happened!
We got a flat tire!
On the way back from Salinas, to Montañita, we started to hear a strange noise... and yep... we got a flat tire... We couldn´t stop at the moment because it was a dark curvy road (no wonder!), so we stop about 10 kilometres further, on the first town we saw.
There was no car assistance spot, and we had never changed a tire. I knew how to do it, theoretically, but thankfully an old guy show up and helped us.
We gave him a good tip and continue driving to Montañita.
The morning after we went to have our tire fix. Actually, the guy almost had to reconstruct it, hehe

It was rainy in Montañita, but we felt happy to be back...

We got together with a bunch of travelers and set a fire on th beach. It was so fun! Of course we took the proper precautions.

We had dinner in my favourite place: Tiki Taka, and then... headed to a party!
But I started to feel bad, so I went to bed early.
It turned out I got food poisoned. Or maybe my body just couln´t tolerate any more pineapple juice.

The following morning I sent some postcards and headed to the airport!

Bye bye Ecuador!
We had a blast!
I hope to be back soon!

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