Monday, April 25, 2011

Bel & Shopping Therapy in Buenos Aires

Palermo used to be an old neighbourhood full of factories and warehouses, until 10 years ago it turned into the fashion industry meca.
Palermo started to be divided with different names. Designers started to call it Palermo Soho in the south, Palermo Hollywood in the north, and some other denominations that didn´t persist.
I have to admit I always get confused on which one is Soho, and which one Hollywood, but who cares... Both are nice anyway...
During the weekends there´s a craft fair on Honduras street, and some others that are held indoors in bars and restaurants.
At night you have tons of chic bars and gourmet restaurant with a great variety of Argentinian and also ethnic food that can guarantee anyone a great night in Buenos Aires.
But this Saturday, everything was about shopping! It was a sunny autumn afternoon, just perfect to be outdoors with my gorgeous niece :)
Here you have some pics!

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