Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bel & Canada: Part 1 - Niagara & Toronto

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Canada - Niagara & Toronto, a set on Flickr.

So, after all the troubles I experienced last Friday on the flight from New York toToronto (there will be a post in the next days), I over slept but managed to have a great time in Niagara...

We really enjoyed Niagara Falls, it took us the entire day. We left the hotel at 11am, and we finished seeing all the atractions around 7pm.

The best thing is The Maid of The Mist. That's a must! Incredibly fun and amazing views.

Journey behind the falls is also nice and the sweetest things was the Butterfly Conservatorium.

My travel mate lost his cel phone on a touristic bus but fortunately we got it back.

We had dinner and drove to Toronto. The car he rented was really nice, a huge Volvo :)

We arrived around midnight and starting to look at the hostel. I had sent an email earlier letting them know we were getting late...
But... It ended up being a familiy house! An Indian family´s home! Since we arrived so late, they had given the room to some one else. It was a mess...
They called someone who picked us up and took us to some other house. Also Indian. but the place really smelled. It was not what we were expecting.... awful. We booked a hostel, instead, we got a smelly room in a family house. We weren't comfortable at all.
So, we left and started to look for a place to stay in Toronto.
The problem was that it was a long weekend! So, everything was full! We were driving from one hotel to another, not even taking prices into account, but everything was full. I felt so frustrated, I wanted to cry!
I was feeling so guilty because I was the one who chose the hostel. But my travel mate was super nice and patient. I thought he would get mad but he didn't.
It was 1am in the morning already or even later. We were driving back and forth in the highway, completely lost and exhausted.
At the end, we found room available in a hotel in downtown Toronto, and we decided to stay here the three nights.

On Sunday we were exhausted and we didn´t do much. We slept until midday, had lunch in a nice place and then we just spent the afternoon rambling around the city.

My travel mate is tired all the time and sometimes I feel I could do more things and go to more places by myself. But then I think it wouldn't be so fun without him. And, I wouldn´t be driving, I would be taking buses and trains to get from one city to another... so well, you can´t have it all. Life is about choices, and this time I chose to have a slow trip.

Today, we were lazy, again. But we enjoyed the royal ontario Museum ,the CN Tower and the Toronto Islands. We took a ferry there, and it was so fun!

Tomorrow we are rushing to see Casa Loma, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Zoo, before going to Ottawa, where we are spending only one night!
I´ll try to make him rush!!

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