Monday, October 10, 2011

Food & Travel : Quinoa Salad @ Salta

This is one of my favourite dishes of all times!
Just a year ago I visited Salta for a long weekend. I went from Salta to Cachi for a day trip and tasted the most delicious quinoa salad I´ve ever had.
It had grilled peppers (red and green), corn, tomatoes and quinoa: Fresh and fulfilling! The perfect combination!

I had tried quinoa before (in pies, with potatos, etc.) but never in a salad... and it was great!
But apart from its peculiar taste and texture, the quinoa has a story.
It comes from the Highest Andes Mountains and grows all over South America mountain countries.
It was one of the main foods among Inca civilization. It has more protein than any other grain which makes it high quality food. It grows wildly almost anywhere so it was helpful for people living in the high mountains! And it´s still is!
The high iron levels are said to help with altitude sickness, because it improves the oxygen levels in blood.
It recently became very popular and it´s exported to all over the world, but the origins are ancient and I´m sure it tastes different if you are having quinoa with a view like this...
Just fantastic!

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