Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bel & Boston

A few weeks ago I started visiting Boston...
and I kept going back... every weekend.
The company has a Summer Friday program so it means that every other Friday I get to leave by 1pm.
The city is charmingly elegant, but that´s not all, I got someone to visit in Boston :)
So, every Friday I´ve been traveling to Boston, to come back to New York on Sunday afternoon. It´s exhausting but it´s good to get attached to another city. I´m hoping it will help me get over my New York obsession, hehe

These are some of the pics of my weekends in Boston.

On my first weekend, I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, and then I met H to go to the Institute of Contemporary Art. It´s a shame I didn´t take any pictures. I guess I got distracted :)
Then, we took a walk and ended up entering the Aquarium for free. It turned out there was a wedding being held and we entered as if we were guests... so funny!
The New England Aquarium is stunning! It was a round pool, really tall and you can walk around it. As you walk through the different floors, you get to see different species. So nice!
Then we went to a party at some of H´s friends´place. It was fun.
On Sunday afternoon I went back to New York.

The following weekend I had my boss´farewell in New Jersey, so I couldn´t miss it.
It´s a shame he is leaving the company but I guess it´s the best for him. He will be moving to the suburbs to a larger place and I´m sure his kids will like it better.

So, I had to wait two weekends to go back to Boston.
It turned out there was a particular thing going on in Harvard. Harvard University had bought a few houses to house new faculty buildings. Since the houses were historical, they couldn´t suffered alterations or be demolished... So, they decided to move them! It was a very difficult and expensive process! But they manage to put wheels under the houses, and they moved them to a different location. This way, Harvard gets a great location close the campus, and the houses with its history are preserved.

The day after, we took a walk though the Boston Common and then we drove to Marshfields. Just a nice beach town where we took a nice walk and made a picnic :)

The following weekend we visited the Library.

And walked around the city...

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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