Sunday, December 30, 2007

California: I´m Loving It


Here I am in California, a day away from saying goodbye to my beloved 2007, that because of Time Zones, will be three hours longer for me! Fantastic!

I spent a lovely Christmas, but we didn´t celebrate Christmas´Eve. It was kind of strange, but ok. So we celebrated Christmas over dinner on the
25. We had Russian food over Anna´s and everything was wamr and cozy. It was so much fun! Oh! I got a new camera for Xmas!!! It´s pink, it´s sony, and I´m loving it!

After celebrating Christmas, w
e rented a Car in Vacaville -where we are staying at Jean´s apt and drove for a few days to Los Angeles, San Diego and Costa Mesa. We drove through the desert and of course along the Pacific Coast. PCH is awesome! I throw garbage at Leo Di Caprio´s mansion in Beverly Hills and got lots of pictures with sculptures by Noguchi. Got plenty of food and got to see great scenarios.

Back to San Francisco, we did a night tour of Alcatraz and walk the halls where Al Capone walked... It was foggy and scary...

Today we went to Napa Valley, a beautiful area full of wineries, where I had some wine tasting experiences and tours. I think it was the best day of the trip! Beautful landscapes, good wine, chilling out outdoors, just great!

Tomorrow I will be visiting the SFMOMA (Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco) and then closing the 2007 at Anna´s beautiful Russian home. But this time, we will try to grill asado (BBQ
Argentina´s way). But we did ask Anna and her mum to prepare the Olivier Salad, because it´s soooo good!! It´s funny that we call that recipe Russian Salad in Argentina and they, in Russia, call it Olivier Salad, after the chef that created it.

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the last day of 2007 and begin 2008 with the right foot !!!!!

Californian kisses and best wishes!!

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