Monday, October 11, 2010

Bel & Salta: Part 2 - Bronchitis + Spa day

So here I am. I survived my second night in Salta.

I woke up feeling bad, but not worse than yesterday.
I was supposed to visit like 3 museums today. Instead I walked the same 5 blocks than yesterday...

I took a guided tour in the Cabildo...

And you can see from my face that I feel better than yesterday!
Although it took me like 5 minutes to recover from the stairs
(historical building means no elevator)

I got kicked out from the Cabildo because they were closing and I was taking too much time to take pictures of me...
So, I did some walking around the main square...

50 meters is all my bronchitis and I can walk before moaning like a dying cow...
So, I chose this quiet spot to have lunch outdoors, before taking a cab to Villa San Lorenzo where I booked a day spa :)
(Originally I was taking a bus, but... 8 blocks to bus stop is more than my bronchospasms and I can take)

Normally, in 4 hours of hot stones massage, jacuzzi and sauna, I would have taken more pictures of me getting pampered, but it takes too much effort and oxygen!

So, this is the only picture you`ll see!

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