Friday, October 15, 2010

Bel & Salta: Part 4 Cardons & Cachi

DAY 4 - Excursion to Cachi
This is the First day I woke up feeling (almost) healthy.

And I`m taking more pictures!

We are so high there are clouds around us!Piedra del Molino: 3348 mts above sea level

All the buses make the same stop in the same place at the same time...

The cardones are column-like cactus plant that exists in areas 3400 m a s l in altitude, and are the symbolic species of this National Park,
located in the central western part of the Salta Province, between the designated Calchaquíes Valleys, occupying a surface of more than 130,000 acres.

I look healthier!
Yeah!!! I´m walking and I´m not moaning!

We finally got to Cachi...
2.280 mts above sea level

This time the restaurant was nice, quiet and I asked to eat outdoors... It was a beautiful clean day, sunny, perfect to get over my bronchitis :)

I ordered a quinoa salad, that was just great and ended up being probably one of my favourite pictures of the trip so far :)

Then I walked a little bit around the town main areas...

I kept walking and walking and walking... and taking pictures!

We are sooo close to the clouds that you can almost touch them...
You can see all the curves of the road behind me...

2.280 mts above sea level/ sobre el nivel del mar
A cemetery...I´m wondering if they got faster to heaven...

Last picture of the day!

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